Ever wanted to dissolve into a bubble of sound and feel effaced by the grains of noise? Tonight, The Wash Project presents a throng of experimental sound and noise artists both from Buffalo and parts of Ohio that connect and twist the notion of what music is and how it can be manipulated. You may recognize Buffalo native Needles Numark who runs The Upstate Soundscape, a blog focusing more on experimental and associative music. The other Buffalo artist is the group Low Prospects, a duo working with deep drone tapes and “experimental onions” (looking forward to what those will sound like looped).

From the Midwest, we have Church Slut, Fanngface, and Karl Vorndran. They are all working with harsher sounds that grit and grind down the foreground and then let up to encourage space. Karl Vorndran’s latest release, Thawing, uses a modular synthesis to produce stretching tones that produce a disjointing sensation. Church Slut is heavy on the fuzz, with hints of deep thrashing drums and distorted metal. Fanngface works similarly, using the white space of white noise in songs like “Desert Lawyer Plays The Oboe Pt. 2.” After teasing in this noise for a while, he plays with shortened melodies that are perfect for a Alexander Jodorovsky film.

The venue is located on 417 Massachusetts Avenue at the Westside Laundromat. Only five dollars to get you into the frenetic zone, and BYOB to wash down the intensity.