If you haven’t heard about Del Paxton yet, this might be your first time on buffaBLOG. Hello. The Buffalo-based three-piece topped our top 20 list in 2013 with the song “Motion Sick,” played a slew of legit Buffalo shows, and most recently signed to emo revival label, Topshelf Records.

Today, the wheels were put into motion of the upcoming 7″ split with Gulfer as the band premiered its new single “Bad Batch,” via Absolute Punk. Although I haven’t figured out how browse Absolute Punk for close to ten years, this is a major accomplishment. Thank you for the direct link.

“Bad Batch” follows a similar formula that Del Paxton has mastered: Zach Schoedel and Dylan England’s dueling vocals, mathy clean heyday of Chicago emo guitars, and Greg McClure’s impressively tight drumming all culminating in a crescendo that make you want to jump over your friend to shout the chorus. Check it out below.