UK quartet Courts defy genre boundaries and refute definition via their latest tune “Tonight.” This track seems to crack the code for the optimum party anthem, stringing together an anthemic disco-inspired chorus with jangly guitar lines, a soulful backbone, and a rapid verse delivery that gives a nod towards London’s notorious grime scene. There’s something deeply infectious about a healthy dose of Brit culture with a dance-driven, indie rock groove, and we can’t seem to get enough.

Lyrically, the track parses through the plasticity of existence these days, grappling with perceptions of reality in the digital age. Courts clarifies, saying the song focuses on “spirituality, love, and the connection we feel to the universe. Everyone is painting false perceptions online, not many people are being real. It’s about tapping into the positive amongst all the negative.” Check out the video for “Tonight” below, where a low-key night at the pub turns into an all-out rager.