Since the show’s announcement, I have been hyping this past Saturday night’s Bully gig to all of my friends as one of the potentiality best shows of the year, and I was damn near right. Thinking they could properly warm up the crowd for what was to come, the Dead Soft and Heat delivered absolutely incredible sets, but there was nothing that either could do to really prepare you for the Nashville buzz band’s enormous sounding, raucous performance. There are still a few months left this year, but I can already tell that this is going to be on my list of the best shows of 2015.  Check out some photos from the show below, and a full gallery of the night’s shots, click here.

HeatIMG_0054 IMG_0068 IMG_0038 IMG_0062

BullyIMG_0419 IMG_0216 IMG_0293 IMG_0394 IMG_0309IMG_0430 IMG_0441