One of the most important factors involved in pleasing the party goers is the disc jockey. They do us a great service by pleasing our eardrums in-between acts, making sure we all keep our dancing shoes in check. This time around for our 4th bday party at Duke’s, we will have Gowanda native Chauncey Tails spinning a delightful mix before acts, during, and closing out the night. Chauncey certainly has his chops when it comes to the wide-range of influences working within his own music, not only focusing on more popular genres such as dub-step but also incorporating elements of IDM, house, and trip-hop.  

Take, for instance, the songs “waitin 4 2 nite” and “Yr Girls Got a Drug Prob (Instrumental).” Chauncey layers minimally–and that may sound contradictory. He lays down an initial beat, with the former track it’s more so four on the floor, and then glitches in a sharp, witty loop that could become repetitive until a gentle, video-game like synthesizer crawls in. It’s similar to the likes of L.A. DJ Jonwayne. (See: Bowser.) Chauncey’s style doesn’t simply focus on strictly dance, he can switch up the groove to something more sensual and laid-back like in his track “Aura Like Aurora,” which, simply, is sexy down-tempo at its finest. Below I’ve inserted his sample mix for the party tomorrow evening (10pm, $5), that flexes a chopped and screwed opening and relaxes into a delightful series mashing up southern-grime and pop.