Brother Keep are some angry mo-fos! Their new EP, To You & Yours, listens like a middle finger to the “empty girl” who ran off with guitarist/vocalist Nick Sessanna’s former best friend. The four track release opens up with the pop punk “Windy City” and ends with the whimsical “Laces”. In a lot of ways, this recording is classic boy meets girl, girl betrays boy. Just listen to any Senses Fail record. Where Sessanna and company differ from Buddy Nielsen and Senses Fail is that there isn’t any huge climax where Sessanna kills his ex. To You & Yours is more than a revenge record.  It has real sustenance, something that can really hold you over until dinner time.

To You & Yours is that ‘Dear Jane’ letter that you drunkenly leave on the nightstand after you have packed the last truck load of your belongings from the studio apartment the two of you once shared. The EP’s single, “F(r)iend,” remains the stand out track on To You & Yours. The song, written about, as Sessanna fittingly has said, “the worse person I have ever known,” come with lyrics like: “How does it taste?/The seconds dripping slowly off the side of my plate./ A bloated dog always begging for a bone/Forever living in my shadows.” The emotional adrenaline induced track stands out among the more somber “ghostrock”songs.

Watch the music video to “F(r)iend” below and head over to Brother Keep’s bandcamp page to download the entire To You & Yours EP for free.