Fresh-faced indie-pop outfit Breakfast for Dinner just released their newest single “She Ate My Heart Out Like A Hurricane.” Originally based out of the DIY scene in Corning, NY, they’re now based out of Buffalo. The heavy garage rock/DIY aesthetic is very clearly presented in their first single “Wonder” which came out earlier this year. “She Ate My Heart Out Like A Hurricane” shows a much more evolved sound from the band.

At the outset, the song pulls you in with glistening synth textures, a driving beat, and a reverb drenched lead line. The breathy vocals in the verses are balanced well by the stronger chorus, which is undeniably catchy. With a sound akin to Robyn, Bat For Lashes, and iamamiwhoami, Breakfast for Dinner has a deeply mystical indie-rock sound that still manages to channel a DIY pop-punk aesthetic. This neatly packaged song is a great addition to your playlist. Keep your eye out for them on the local scene.

Written by John Smigielski