André Laos – “Yield”

Swedish producer and Red Bull Music Academy graduate André Laos is set to release his debut EP, Roundabout for New York-based label Let’s Play House on April 21st. The b-side, “Yield,” is a radiant slice of classic sounding house with soulful vocals, warm synths, and a conga style rhythm. Boasting one of the more infectious choruses in recent memory, the track, as well as the rest of the EP, bring a sun-soaked vibe and impressive sense of pacin for a debut release.

Dauwd – “Kindlinn”

One of the most intriguing producers to emerge from the UK in the past few years, London producer Dauwd continues his gradual transition from a minimal garage inspired sound to a more techno style sound on his latest EP, Kindlinn. The title track is an elegant journey filled with the idiosyncrasies and smooth transitions the producer has become known for that give his productions a unique personality. With an ability to craft a lush, colorful sound from a minimal framework, Dauwd’s subtle brilliance is more apparent than ever. Kindlinn is out now via Kompakt records.

Glimpse – “Baretta”

The latest effort from Chris Spero’s Glimpse productions alias come via the always reliable Aus Music, released earlier this week. “Baretta” was premiered on fellow UK producer George Fitzgerald’s BBC radio residency back in December and displays a familiar vibe the label has become known for, tiptoeing the line between house and techno. With primal, hard-hitting percussion and a rolling bassline, the track gives a feeling of tightly contained chaos set to a murky atmosphere.