This being a music blog, my favorite project to look forward to during Sugar City’s annual Fun-a-Day exhibit (create something artistic for every day of the month) is the concept album from Alex Berkley. His first year album for Fun-a-Day, 28 Days of Fun, was a collection of songs, one recorded every day of the month: a simple, yet quality undertaking. For year two, he went more ambitious, recording a collection of diary-like entries chronicling the day to day life of the Elmwood Village every man for 28 Days of Fun: Sick of the Sound of My Voice.

As for this year, his third musical installment for Fun-a-Day, the singer/songwriter put his iTunes on shuffle daily and proceeded to write a song, resulting in 28 Days of Fun: Shuffle. Some of the random songs that inspired the album were “Our Singer” by Pavement (Song 19: “Wings & Billy Madison”), “Jamming” by Bob Marley & the Wailers (Song 5: “A Simpsons Gag”), “I’d Be Wrong Were I To Say I Loved You Not Quite Or Almost Always” by Damian ( Song 2: “Requiem for Inventory Mondays”), and “Romulus” by Sufjan Stevens (Day 26: “The Record Store”).

You can pick up a copy of 28 Days of Fun: Shuffle tonight at Sugar City’s Fun-a-Day art opening tonight at their Niagara St. HQ beginning at 6pm, or download it for free on Berkley’s bandcamp page.

In the mean time, listen to Day 24’s song, “Dance Floor,” which features an excerpted cover of No Doubt’s  “Spiderwebs,” below.