Ever since Mike James’ former band, Longwave, dropped its wonderful The Strangest Things LP, which included this all time great WNY jam (that’s James in the left rear) way back in 2003, the ever busy Rochester musician has been floating around my, and now the blog’s, radar for some time. Between his former work in Mikey Jukebox, and current projects Hawker M. James and the Demos, James has found the time to remaster his 2003 EP, Night Night, from his OTHER project, Admirers.

Set to drop on May 13th, the EP will include some fresh takes on the original cuts, in addition to remixes. As for the title track, the song delves into the retro synth-pop vibe that fans of any Johnny Jewel project, chilled Holy Ghost, Chromeo, and the Drive soundtrack will eat right up. Check out Pet Shop Boys-esque “Night Night,” which features a subtle, Niles Rogers like riff, below.