The last few months have seen a ton of collaborations between different crews and groups in the Buffalo hip hop scene. The theme continues on the latest song from the melodic rap duo 200 Kids Outside, who’ve dropped a new video featuring Saint Opal of the Black Sol  crew.

Titled “It’s Lit,” the song is just that. 200 Kids producer Minel cooked up a wild beat, featuring some swirling retro synths and knocking drums for singer/rapper Neetchy to go to work over. He duets with Black Sol songstress Saint Opal pairs his chill electronic voice with her Rihanna-esque sound.

Harmonies and expert vocal layering have always been a key component of the music from 200 Kids, and on “It’s Lit” is more of that great use with the addition of Opal’s powerful chops. The composition of the song is great as well, filled with vocal and instrumental breaks showing off the talent of all involved. On top of all that, Saint Opal rocks some fabulous fur and Neetchy vibes out for the trippy music video.

Give it a watch below.