Since Record Store Day, everyone has been talking about Jack White’s new song, “Lazaretto,” the world’s fastest record. Seriously who cares about Jack White? Yes, he’s a genius, and he’s going to be making great records for years to come. Rather, let’s talk about Buffalo’s feminist riot grrrl outfit, Sexist, instead. Sexist not only played at Spiral Scratch for Record Store Day, but the trio also released some much anticipated demos. Now I know I have said in the past that you shouldn’t ever judge a band based on its demos, but after having a few conversations with these girls, I feel it is perfectly acceptable for Sexist

Sexist Demo represents the Queen City girls perfectly. It’s chocked full of  fast, aggressive ammunition loaded ADD feminist anthems, from the opening audio clip of the right wing puppet Rush Limbaugh on “Respect” to the closing “I am Woman.” Still, the real gems of the demos are the fifty-three second “Product” and the catchy “Bad Feelings.” The latter merges 90’s grunge with 60’s pop harmonies perfectly, hooking you after just one listen.

Sexist’s demos are raw, ambitious, and to the point. To the elementary listener, these songs may seem lackadaisical, or even common. After all, this isn’t the first time we have heard girls rocking out to songs about being girls. However, these songs are anything but vanilla. It’s refreshing to hear girls belting it out again, instead of hiding behind an acoustic guitar writing frilly love songs. And their message is very clear: “We are women, and we aren’t going anywhere, so fucking deal with it.”