In lieu of the approaching millennium and all of its uncertainties, Chicago’s Wingtips draw up a pastel goth rager for the ages in the video for their track “Last Minute.” The plot centers on the unavoidable cyborg takeover and a teenage, hormone-fueled dash to live it up as if there’s no tomorrow. Triumphant waves of 80’s synthpop set the scene with the band front and center, keeping the party alive. It’s all very energetic, playful, and a little spooky, reminiscing an age that the duo was too young to partake in. Their sound revels in souped up synths, waves of guitar, and expressive vocals, all while sporting a soft grunge-meets-Tim-Burton aesthetic. If you, too, can’t get enough of Wingtips, be sure to check out their latest EP GREYAREA, available on Feeltrip Records on limited edition cassette.