Sugar City has been tearing it up lately with excellent and affordable all-ages bills featuring some of the coolest indie/punk/whatever acts rolling through Buffalo, many times stacked with quality local talent. Tonight the newly revamped Niagara St. venue will follow that trend when Chicago’s indie-psyche sensation YAWN brings its freshness to the Queen City. The act’s latest LP Love Chills (via Old Flame Records) is blissful and weird, channeling catchy summer vibes through a pair of kaleidoscope binoculars. Recommended for fans of MGMT, Panda Bear, and Menomena.

Though YAWN won’t be the only act peddling pandemonium from Sugar City’s freshly-built stage tonight, as the Buffalo-bred experi-tronic whiz kid Lesionread will be shaking things up with his own electro craziness to whip the crowd into shape. If you’ve never been to a Lesionread show you should probably remedy that tonight. Also on tonight’s bill are YAWN tourmates Blind Moon and Pleasure Hammer, the two acts donned “The Feeltrip Circus,” which (admit it) sounds like a lot more fun than whatever it is you have planned for this Monday night.

Doors are early for this one (6pm), and $6 will get you through them. All ages, no drugs, no alcohol. (Resurgence located conveniently across the street for those hankering for a delicious brew.)