Though many Buffalo show goers (myself included) may have been heartbroken having to say goodbye to Mink, the band’s posthumous EP, After Hours, could not be a better send off into the graveyard of local bands that were put to rest entirely too soon.

Mink has a knack for easing you into a tune then turning you completely upside down. Just when you think you have the layout of a song figured out, they take you on an entirely different route. Between the impressively riffy guitar work from Brandon Schlia and the equally technical drum parts of Ken Culton, a raucous blend is created — one that pleases you and riles you up at the same time. Singer Jaz Frazier’s vocals are perfectly in sync with every change the music experiences. They are smooth and docile when needed, and piercing and powerful when there is an abrupt upsurge in attitude. Her jazzy inflections (no pun intended) add a unique dimension to the overall alt-punk exterior.

After Hours also showcases the band’s special flair for writing about seemingly infinitesimal instances and transforming them into charming snapshots that sometimes double as societal commentary. “Kick Ass for Earth” details the speaker’s nonchalant journey through a beautiful field, only to have the scenery rudely interrupted by the sight of an anomalous plastic bag. The message simply being: be a good human and keep things clean for Mother Earth (throw away your cigarette butts / see a bottle pick it up / you may not be the one that dropped it there / be the one that shows you care).

If you didn’t get the pleasure of seeing the trio live, I suggest you indulge in their last-ever release, as well as their earlier releases on their bandcamp. May Mink’s friendly ghost forever haunt us all.