After exploring nearly every seminal act of the 90’s, finally tonight at Nietzsche’s, 10 talented artists will form a tribute supergroup to take on one of the most diverse artists in modern pop music, Beck. From the stream-of-consciousness slacker rock of Mellow Gold to the funky grooves of Midnight Vultures and the melancholy introspective ballads of Sea Change, Buffalo’s megatribute band What the Beck will have quite the feat ahead of them. The show should be nothing if not tremendous fun, dancing in mass to songs like “Sexx Laws” and “Girl.”

If that’s not enough 90’s goodness for you, the band will be partnering with Big Bottle Rocket, who will be opening proceedings with an hour long tribute to grunge gods Nirvana.

If you grew up in the 90’s or just appreciate one of pop music’s most creative artists, then you know “Where It’s At,” Neitzche’s tonight. Cover is $10, music begins at 9:30pm.