If by this point, you’re all Vaggied out, I can only ask you to take heart and soldier on, because this is the big one. Day three of Vaggie Fest is an all-day affair, featuring 13 bands that you are lucky enough to catch for just ten bucks over at Ocean Garden Oriental Foods (right next door to Sugar City).

Let me start with the bad news: Pleasure Leftists can’t make it. If you’ve caught them before, then you know that this is a real loss. But they’ll be back soon.

Now, the good news: the show is still awesome without them. Five out-of-towners, eight locals. If you’re the thrifty type, I guess it’s worth mentioning that you’re paying just over 75 cents a band (but that feels crass to mention, like informing your dinner guests about the price of each plate). The lineup is:

Bear in mind that Ocean Garden Oriental Foods is an all-ages space with a no alcohol, no drugs, no illegal substances policy. As the organizers have pointed out, Resurgence Brewery is right across the street if you need to get your booze on.

Doors at 1pm, music at 2pm. All ages! Show up, get down, get a tarot reading. OGOF is at 1235 Niagara Street.