Tonight, celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Elmwood Village Association at a big street party between West Utica and Hodge where it all began tastefully called The 20 Block Bash and featuring a raft of blog favorites handling the music for the festivities. It’s hard to believe that the Elmwood Village is only 20 years old because it feels like the EV’s been the EV forever, a testament to the concept’s durability and success as an organizing principle for the Elmwood Strip (that’s what we used to call it, back when it was overrun by delinquents and blue neon). That’s why tonight’s shindig is so worthy of note and a good time waiting to happen: it’s a celebration of Elmwood’s history and it’s future and a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow Buffalonians and enjoy the bounty of the city and the West Side in particular, namely local vendors slinging treats and some of the best music in Buffalo, from The Tins, Aircraft, Chae Hawk, and DJ Milk Buffalo. The party runs from 6:00 – 10:00 PM and is free to the public. See you there.