Terror Pigeon! and Michael Parallax are returning to Buffalo to play at Dreamland tonight. The former, originally Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, are signed to David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop and infamously tour all year around, churning out ecstatically charged live shows throughout North America. Sometimes referred to as a band, sometimes referred to as a performance troupe, their high jinx stage routine is difficult to characterize, encompassing plenty of props and whirling bodies with a constantly changing lineup.

As far as their music goes, founding member Neil Fridd has revealed “people have called it everything from disco to semi-annoying Latin music.” “Theatrical electro-rock” might suffice as a blanket pseudo-genre however. In similar vein, synth-pop stalwart Parallax takes queues from Dan Deacon in what beatsperminute.com has called “communal hippie raves “. Opening will be local rap and electro-pop purveyors, Jack Topht and Daniel Robinson.

Doors open at 7:30pm and $5 will secure your entrance.