Tucked away on a relatively small soundcloud page, Buffalo hip-hop artist SLPCLSDTH (pronounced Sleep Close Death), has been releasing a stream of music over the last two years, and his newest track “Brains,” is probably his best. It’s one of those songs with lyrics where I don’t really know what they are, but at the same time, I know exactly what they mean. It’s an interesting track. SLPCLSDTH jumps from talking about artistry, love, and life in general, all around a chorus of “Nervous as it worsens, person nerves twitch, itch, no service.”

SLPCLSDTH does a great job using assonance throughout, as each string of lines seem to revolve around the same sounds. All over a particularly catchy, unique keyboard loop, these elements fused together create a very pleasant listening experience on “Brains.”

Check it out here: