Buzzing Purchase, NY pop act, Adult Mom, will be one of the highlights of tonight’s latest installment of Steak & Cake’s Parlor Trix series at the label’s home base venue of Curly’s (note: this is not the Lackawanna restaurant). The group’s latest single,”Survival,” has been getting some serious burn over at Pitchfork. I would have compared the act to Rilo Kiley if the P4K crew didn’t meet me to it first.

Rounding out tonight’s bill will be Alex Berkley, whose most recent release, Shuffled, premiered as part of Sugar City’s annual Fun-a-Day art installment this past March, Helen, the haunting folk project of Bourbon and Coffee’s Andrew Biggie, and the extremely unknown act/musician Thelma. Seriously, I found nothing on them.

$5 is all it will cost to figure out who Thelma is, in addition to catch an on-the-rise touring act in Adult Mom, and two of the city’s finest songwriters all under one roof (specifically, a living room). If you don’t know where Curly’s is, head over to the event page and someone will fill you in the on the details.