New Politics are set to play a sold-out show at the Town Ballroom tonight on their 2014 “Everywhere I Go” Tour. The Danish headlining group is full of indie rock rowdiness and pop panache at once, and we’ll be sure to see some goofy (but impressive) breaking by frontman David Boyd. New Politics have proven themselves to be postured enough to be a 107.7 FM favorite but punk enough to get the audience screaming back at them as they’re shaking it.

The triple threat lineup includes Bad Suns and Somekindawonderful. Bad Suns incorporates SoCal post-punk echoes in modern rock music. Somekindawonderful formed in an Ohio bar and is now a tight crew of emotionally heavy, brooding rockers. Audience members tonight are pretty much guaranteed to leave the Town Ballroom totally dazed from sweating, yelling, and dancing. It’s going to get loud.

The all-ages show goes down at the Town Ballroom (681 Main St.) at 6:30 p.m, and tickets are $20 today if you can find some.