I would like to compare Julie Byrne’s music to that of a bird in flight. The chords swoop in from the clouds, barely audible to the ear. Then, the wings of the track flap, move closer, creating a delicate ripple as the sweet trill of her voice is heard. It’s like she’s constantly walking further away from you, murmuring to herself, quietly expressing what’s suppressed within her mind. The nightingale is originally a Buffalo native, recently making the move from Chicago to Seattle.

2014 brings us her latest work, Rooms With Walls And Windows, that begins with a spacious balance between strumming and plucking, her words barely coming through until a more distinct ruffle bubbles up. Not every song of hers is a tease. “Emeralds” and “Holiday” clearly define Byrne’s ability to create a captivating melody in classic singer/songwriter form. Lyrically, she poeticizes about fleeting moments that suits her singing style and approach: “We met on New Year’s Eve in New York City/ and how come it had been then and soon will be again/ we could’ve lived together/and given up our dreams of wandering.”

Hardware will be a suitable venue on a quieter, Tuesday night. I highly suggest taking the time to unwind from your work day and daydream with Miss Byrne. Accompanying the artist will be a film that shows promptly at 8:15 p.m. Five feathers will get you past the guard and on your merry way.