In recent years, Buffalo experiences an uptick in shows around festival season due to our relative geographical proximity to Toronto’s North by Northeast and Chicago’s Lollapalooza. This is good news for us because it brings acts like Real Estate and now Father John Misty to soundtrack some of these balmy nights. And really, there is no one more fitting for the sultry height of summer than Father John Misty.

This show is sold out so there is little to do to get you to go to the show if you don’t already have a ticket, so I am going to offer a warning. If any of you notice a distant look in your loved one’s eyes tonight, if suddenly they don’t seem to notice you even exist, I really wouldn’t take it personally. These people are under a powerful spell, the powerful spell of Father John Misty, a strange and rakish sorcerer who sings expertly crafted sometimes dramatic music with a nearly endless supply of quotable lyrics. So, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Springtime Carnivore opens tonight with what promises to be a great set of airy tunes in the vein of Tennis and Alvvays so get to the show early. Doors open at 7pm.