If these dance parties are any indication, the 80’s must have been a tough time for fans of British music, you constantly had to pick a side. The Smiths vs. The Cure, Depeche Mode vs. New Order, Wham vs. Boy George. Ok, I pulled the third one out of my ass but still, tonight’s dance party is the second in a series of knock down drag out fights where the only winner is you and your need to dance.

Following last months’ Smiths vs. Cure party, the team behind Transmission Dance Party and On the Wire will be hosting a Depeche Mode vs. New Order party at Hardware tonight. Legitimate heavyweights of British electronic music, tonight will be dedicated exclusively to exploring their respective catalogs. This means that, as long as they play nothing either band did in recent years (please), this dance party will feature nothing but classics. And really, can’t we all just get along?