Tonight the latest edition of the Dance Yrself Clean Hipster Dance Party series is back at Milkie’s, and like the very satisfying January hootenanny the proceeds are going to a worthy cause doing the right thing. Journey’s End Refugee Services, a Buffalo non-profit helping our newest Buffalonians get settled and become members of our community, which is a win-win for everybody involved, but with El Trumpito targeting refugees and immigrants from the Oval Office, they can use the help during this particularly fraught time, which is where the DYC crew and you do your parts. Starting at 9 PM the DYC crew (Ben Parsons, Nick Muldoon, Tom Burtless, Allison Lavis, Katie Gariepy) will be rocking the tightest indie dance jams from the 2000’s up through yesterday; you, dear reader just got to show up, pay $5, and dance.