Tonight, Buffalo’s newest ongoing dance party series returns with a special event  at Milkie’s commemorating our new American now: World War III. There is absolutely no better way to celebrate the 45th President of the United States than a fun, apocalypse themed dance party with all your friends, some stellar DJs, and the proceeds going to the ACLU, who’s going to need the funds more than ever.

Sure America is going to a dark, dark place and looking inwards, but Dance Yrself Clean’s DJs are going international, celebrating danceable hipster jams from all over the world. Tom Burtless (Humble Braggers, Honey COMA, Girl Jeans) will be covering Australia, Ben Parsons (Goth Prince of Spookyville) has Canada, Nick Muldoon (local cool dude; noted anglophile) will be repping the UK, Bryan Johnson (Bryan Johnson & The Family, Mutual Friends, Honey COMA) will be kicking out Japan’s finest jams while Allison Lavis (lead editor/maze designer for Highlights Magazine according to her bio) will be showcasing American artists soon to be personae non grata under the new regime.

Dance Yrself Clean presents World War III is a 21+ shindig and it kicks off at 9pm. $5 is the cover and again that’s totally going to the ACLU, and  all are welcome. Unless you’re an uptight fascist square who voted for Trump. You can stay home.