Carcass is a name that bears a lot of weight in the metal community. One of the pioneers of technical melodic death metal and grind, the band hit their stride most infamously with their seminal album, Heartwork; a daring display of brutality and harmonized chaos.

After breaking up in the mid-90’s the band reformed roughly ten years later, and have since released Surgical Steel, a worthy album to add to their worshipped catalog. Tonight see’s Carcass on a rare Buffalo visit as they visit the Waiting Room, along with highly touted locals Gas Chamber and Rochester’s Blurring.

This is one of those rare “I can’t believe they’re here,” show-of-the-year candidates. Certainly one of the most talked about metal shows in recent years. My advice: Get there early; tickets could sell out, and you don’t want to hear your friends talk about what a memorable time you missed out on either.