Tonight Deep Space 8 will be the gnarliest spot in Buffalo with an evening packed with down and dirty, sludge-punk rock.

Daniel Brady Lynch’s Bummerville, will be headlining the show and backed by a full band. Good luck keeping your brains from melting out of your ears as these guys bring us an oozy concoction of raw garage riffs and spectral, haunted house vocals coated with a slimy surfer sheen. Expect performances off the newly released album, Bottom Feeder, and a mix of new and old tracks.

Also getting in on the grime is Tina Panic Noise, Buffalo’s favorite Queercore, alt-punk rockers. Described best as “noises we make as we panic,” prepare for thrashing guitars, banshee screams and a full body, in-your-face performance from this exciting and raucous three-piece.

Rounding out the lineup are Velvet Bethany and Main Breaker. Doors at 7pm, music at 8:30pm. $5 at the door.