Buffalo indie darlings The Tins have returned with another new single, “City Lies II.” A follow-up to “City Lies” off the eponymous 2017 EP, the track is an excellent example of the Tins’ knack for mastering different sounds.

“City Lies II” begins with a bare-bones guitar riff, begging the listener to wonder what could be around the corner. Soon enough, a drum beat and cymbal crash interrupt this wonderment as we enter the mind of lead singer Mike Santillo. Santillo’s vocals are exceedingly haunting in this particular track, mingling with developing guitar, ghostly harmonies, and sparkling synth to express the thoughts of disillusionment, stagnation, and mental entanglement that come with extended city life – not unlike the themes explored on previous singles from The Tins. What’s perhaps most compelling about this single is something the group gets right over and over again: the artful combination of energy and heart. You won’t be able to avoid swaying to the beat, but if you listen closely, you’ll start to feel an impending longing deep in your chest.

“City Lies II” is available today on all platforms and down below. Keep an eye out for a supporting North American tour from The Tins this spring and summer.

Written by Grace Trimper