The Tins have been quite a force in Buffalo music for several years now, culminating in the release of the fantastic Love on Strike last November. Recently, the trio released a video for the title-track, featuring lots and lots of donut play. This one goes out to all the Paula’s Donuts addicts out there – consider this your trigger warning.

“Love on Strike” follows the Tins format of sunny, quasi-psychedelic indie rock. The song is chock full of great harmonies, squiggly synth, and razor sharp hooks. The video was produced by Drew Luster and Mike Muntner of the NYC Comedy Team Garbage Farts. You can check out some of their other work at We hear they both like donuts quite a lot.

Please enjoy the smooth sounds of The Tins below. RIYL Tame Impala, MGMT, or Ducktails.