In a striking contrast of distorted guitars and sugar-coated vocals, Skyler Cocco’s single “Parasite” pierces the hearts of grunge pop enthusiasts everywhere. Cocco’s brand of vivid lyricism stems from personal catharsis, channeling the pain of formative years into growth and maturity. The Queens, NY based musician credits roots in songwriting, production, and multi-instrumentalism to her musical development, leading her to cut her teeth in studio composition at the Music Conservatory of Purchase College and develop a unique alt-rock/pop genre blend. “Parasite” plays into this balanced divide, matching angst-driven lyrics with sunny vocal harmonies and murky grunge guitar. This single is at the forefront of Cocco’s debut album Reverie, due for release on June 30th. Until then, dive into more from Skyler Cocco to ride out the wait.