Buffalo-based band Rosie Quartz specializes in guitar-driven songs soaked with luscious reverb. Their surfy vibes and easy-going disposition has resulted in a new, three-song project they’ve titled Philophile (i.e. a lover of loving). Throughout your first listen, you’ll feel like you’re on a bicycle riding a hundred miles an hour on a sunny breezy day, your hair flying wildly through the wind. The drums throughout each song brought by Alex Bogart make your head bop unconsciously along with the smoothness of the guitar brought by Adam Cwynar and the deep bass grooves of bassist Ron Walczyk. When Sean Pratt’s voice first hits in the song “Constellation Prize,” you get a sense of fresh air you didn’t know you needed. Overall, their music has a vibe that is very calming and warm that makes you want to lay back and stare at the stars late at night.

The project was produced by none other than Paul Besch of QC Audio here in Buffalo, where the band records a majority of their discography. With “wistful words” as the band themselves put it, they create a powerful message:

“No matter what is happening within or around you, keep a smile and push through.”

With the jangling instruments blended in perfectly with Pratt’s beautiful voice, that smile comes naturally. In the song “Narcissistic,” Pratt sheds some light on that subject with a line like, “Where did you go now? Are you the ghost out in the crowd?” Talking, of course, about a loved one who may not have been that person you wanted them to be. Each track keeps somewhat of the same theme, with the message, tone, and vibes that create a picture for their fans to feel what it’s like living in their shoes through this adventure that we call life and heartaches.

A sensation of goosebumps came over me when I first heard the song “Water Sign.” If you close your eyes and let Rosie Quartz guide you, it feels like you’re transcending into another universe that the band has created. You know those times late at night when you’re chilling in your living room looking for some calming music to play so you find a nonstop video of a variety of lo-fi music? That is exactly what this EP reminds me of in the greatest way possible – light some candles, get your pet, grab your drink, and sit back and fully relax for the next 11 minutes and 14 seconds. 

Finally, Philophile wraps itself up with a triumphantly upbeat track, “Narcissist.” Just like the rest of the EP, the track contains some dark thoughts while shining some light on the same issues in the most unique way possible. It’s all done with a mature, surf-based sound that fans of Alvvays, Beach Bunny, and Real Estate will love.

Philophile was released on May 26, 2023 on Spotify and Bandcamp