Rackmastas, a long time duo born out of the basement of Gates Circle Wine & Liquor, recently released its long awaited LP, Return of the Rack. Spanning 17 tracks, the record has a lot going on, although don’t be misled by the long tracklist as a handful of those songs are fun little radio station under writings. The long form tunes cover many genres, including R&B, hip hop, dream pop, experimental post-rock, jazz, and pretty much you name it.

Stand out tracks include “Girl Watcher,” a pretty cut dreamy computer pop that would please Dntel fans, and “H.H.G.M.T Zoppity,” which sounds like what Collections of Colonies of Bees might sound like on a sugar high. You can stream the entire Return of the Rack, which features contributions from members of Inquiring Mind, Crows and Jays, and more, at the band’s bandcamp page. In the mean time, listen to “Girl Watcher” below.