After seeing the title for the new Pappy Stardust & The Eclectic Moon Sandwich EP, Your Local Lizard Band, I had to ask myself, what exactly is a Lizard Band? Pappy Stardust, by the way, is a lo-fi, messy, garage rock collective from our good friend and neighbor city, Rochester. After listening, it really made sense to me in an odd way.

The group of revolving members’ latest tracks are an overall grimy combination of really cool, psychedelic instrumentals with heavily echoed vocals, and at times, even a bit of a surf rock. Your Local Lizard Band starts off with the incredibly groovy “The Lizard #3,” highly due to the prevalent plucked bass line and the catchy repeated guitar riff, and ends with the nearly 8 minute, mostly instrumental track, “The Wave,” which is truly a psychedelic monster.

Your Local Lizard Band is an overall incredibly fun listen, and is highly recommended. It is available as a pay what you want download on the band’s bandcamp.

Listen to “The Wave” below.