Bringing you a rare double shot, we have ANOTHER Pale Puma track hot off the presses; their other song was “Down by the River,” (which I wrote about here). This one is “Cast a Shadow” also off of their September 8th album Haunted By Dreams That Were Never My Own and while in the same vein as “Down by the River” it’s definitely the shinier of the two.

The chord progression and steady drum beat gave me the same feeling of playing an epic video game or journeying into a decisive battle with the BBEG in Dungeons and Dragons with my friends (editor’s note: BBEG means “Big Bad Evil Guy” in D&D parlance, and Chris is a friggin’ nerd). A galloping drum beat and haunting guitar work certainly add to that mysterious and adventurous feeling.

If you’ve already listened to “Down by the River” and enjoyed it, this one is a no brainer to check out – as is the album as a whole. Check it out over on Spotify or YouTube and let us know your thoughts and feelings over on the Blog’s social media page formerly known as Twitter.