According to an unverified post on the page listed on his Instagram; Bazemore is based out of Baltimore and is a triple threat of producer/musician/sound engineer. His latest single is “in your arbor,” and it’s a simmering, noisy romp with ALL of the guitar layers and ALL of the feedback. It’s a mashed-together conglomerate of shoegaze and EDM that shows off Bazemore’s composition chops – the way he builds the guitars/effects/drum machine to a rousing crescendo shows a true mastery of his craft.

Fans of M83, My Bloody Valentine, or my personal favorite Beach House would find a lot to enjoy here. While shoegaze typically eschews a gentle electronic beat for sheer noise, you can’t help but ignore the driving rhythms and washy presences here.

You can hear “in your arbor” on Spotify, Apple Music, or if you’re thrifty like me, here’s the YouTube link.