Buffalo bedroom pop newcomers Olmsted have emerged onto the Buffalo DIY scene with their first single, “The Storm.” The duo, composed of bassist/vocalist Lydia Beinhauer and former Halo Nellie guitarist Nathaniel Miller, co-write dreamy, raw pop music with contemplative lyrics.

“The Storm” is a building, ethereal waltz. It starts out simple, with a guitar track and Beinhauer’s lone voice. The song becomes more fleshed-out as it continues, with gossamer synth, a drum machine, experimental noise sampling, and vocals from Miller as well. Beinhauer and Miller’s pleasant voices complement each other, which we also see on the single’s B-side, “The Eye.” The songs are approachable and calming, even though the words suggest a little more unease. From both tracks, we get a good idea of what to expect from Olmsted in the future: relaxed, organic, and endearing lo-fi pop.

Olmsted plays January 31st with Modest Mouse tribute act Pompous Rat on January 31st at Nietzsche’s. In the meantime,  listen to “The Storm” and “The Eye” below.
Written by Grace Trimper