The Nylon Otters emulate a bit of Nevermind-era Nirvana on their debut studio single, “Pollenblonde,” a bouncing and rhythmic track comprised of fuzzy guitars, monotone vocals and repeating avant-garde lyrics (“It feels great, Pollenblonde / ‘Aint it a strange thing we’re on? / It’s just fake, all in all / But it’s okay really, I don’t mind / I’m not mad,” Logan Ross sings during the chorus) set atop a bed of raw production, which suits this track perfectly.

The band amps things up a bit on b-side “Loose Ends,” a rollicking tune that introduces a bit of driving Americana into the mix.

All in all, “Pollenblonde” and “Loose Ends” do not ever comprise a total of five minutes, so there’s not really much excuse for you to not at check them out.

Written by Brian Campbell