Consciousness and positivity is the mantra  of Negative Death, the new hip-hop pop duo combining Utica with Queens. Front man Paul Payabyab-Cruz channels the likes of Pharaoh Monch and Saul Williams in his poetic verses and Zeno Pittarella is the man behind the beats. Both have a history of musical ventures, with Utica’s Zeno coming from the acts Bad Cello (who gets the feature on the single) and Comfy.

“Burn” is the lead single from Negative Death’s forthcoming project Conscious Pop. The track has evidence of Zeno’s poppy past, including the vocoder-y beginning of the track and the energetic electric beat. Paul brings the thoughtful heat the who time, with standout lines like “consider me Prometheus, yes I am somewhat heatheness, I’ve come to bring the fire down and make sure we are breathing it.” Great for both the ears and the mind, “Burn” is just one track of a great upcoming project from Negative Death. Stay tuned for the release of Conscious Pop, but in the meantime peep the track and keep it on repeat to tide you over.