Between taking over lead female vocals in Mallwalkers and handling bass duties in Mink, Jaz Frazier apparently has working on ANOTHER new project named Grits, which just dropped its debut EP,  Shimshamwhimwhamanditalwayswillbe(yes that is the title), earlier this week. Since debuting her Inquiring Mind project in late 2013, Frazier has always displayed an impressive vocal range and flair on any project she has been involved in.

As for Grits, the 5-track EP is full of fuzzy guitars and more spoken word type vocals from Frazier. Think Kitten Forever or Le Tigre and you have a good place to start.

Stream the full EP here, and check out, “Thich Nhat Hahn,” the stand out, Pavement-esque track from Shimshamwhimwhamanditalwayswillbe below.