Look out Rochester, a new force is on the radar. Multi-instrumentalist / producer / all-around music man Mr. Will (born Will Smillie) released his impressive debut EP Motel Pools, a sprawling easy-rider of a record blending elements of indie pop and psyche rock, late last month. It’s one of those records that doesn’t take time to warm up to; the warmth is already there—just pull up a seat and get yourself settled in.

From the slow-burning balminess of the title track that opens the EP to the fiery fretwork of “Where Does the Light Go,” Motel Pools, produced by Smillie himself, covers a lot of ground and covers it well. After one spin, the listener is treated to hints of wide-ranging influence including My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog, Mikal Cronin, and more. The hooks are plentiful, the solos could sear a steak, and the resulting package is cohesive, easy to listen to, and further fortifies Rochester as the indie rock capital of the state.

Check out the title track below and enjoy some of the coolest new music WNY has to offer.