“You’re so fuckin’ nice/I wanna throw something at your head.”


Merci, Mercy comes out swinging on her new single, “Shovel”, and just doesn’t let up. Allegedly a “playful take on romantic relationships” with a self deprecating jab thrown in (“pass me the shovel and I’ll dig for two”), it’s SPICY and I’m here for it. Steady acoustic guitars are balanced out well with swirly synth atmospheres to compliment her dulcet tones, a la Julien Baker on a snarky day before their coffee with 20% more pop.

This is off of her upcoming EP is it me and is filled to the brim with smart, sharp lyrics (with assistance of Matthew Murphy from The Wombats and Chris Collins (Middle Kids, Greta Ray)). Not that age is necessarily any indication of musical talent, but you’ll probably be as surprised as I am that Mercy is only NINETEEN (her name is Mercy but she named her act Merci, Mercy to corner the market on the word).

Be sure to check out “Shovel” and her other tracks over on Spotify, and keep your eyes peeled for her EP, due out soon! Special mention to her cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High“, which definitely gives off some Billie Eilish vibes.