Based out of Miami, Millionyoung is the project of Mike Diaz and “Lost” is both the name of his newest single that, coincidentally, shares the name of one of the most overrated TV shows of all time (seriously, I tried, plz don’t @ me). That’s where the comparisons end though; “Lost” (the song) feels like a pleasant Sunday drive with your foot hanging out the window on a warm-but-overcast day, whereas the TV show was overhyped and couldn’t stick the landing.

Like a tasty, chillwave blooming onion served by Panda Bear (of Animal Collective fame), you’ll find layers aplenty that Diaz has obviously taken great care with laying down here. The thick guitars meld well with the heavy synth treatment while his whisper voice vocals guide you along, lest your fragile mind becomes lost in the (dipping) sauce. Fans of Washed Out or Cocteau Twins will find a kindred spirit in Millionyoung.

With no proper album since 2018’s Rare Form (and this being the third single) you get the feeling that Ocean View should be right around the corner. If “Lost” is any indication of what’s in store we’re all certainly in for a treat. You can find updates on his Gram, as well as “Lost” (plus more) on Spotify.