The latest single from make yourself at home is “High.” While we weren’t able to find out a lot about the band, we still enjoy what this Nashville quartet is creating. The track itself is noisy, yet surprisingly subdued (if that makes sense), falling somewhere between Midwest emo, shoegaze, and slacker rock. MYAT switches between bashing away at their guitars with distortion turned up to 11 to more thoughtful pickings with the distortion still at 11.

This is shoegaze-y music at it’s finest and worth a listen if you’re a fan bands like Total Wife or They are Gutting a Body of Water. Fans of newcomers feeble little horse would also find a lot to enjoy here, especially if you’re a big noise queen.

You can hear the track on the band’s Bandcamp or check it out over on Spotify. Be sure to add it to your playlist of choice so you don’t forget like I do!