UK based Zoe and Sarah, the brains behind the outfit known as CATBEAR, bring us their latest track “Rush.” Gotta say, I was digging this track right off the bat with the strong synth and drum intro that really both drive this track forward with a “party-while-your-heart-breaks” vibe (their words, not ours). The south Londoners really emit a retro feel a la Madonna’s “Material Girl,” Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer,” or a-ha’s seminal 80’s gem “Take on Me,” but with that current, 2024 era indie charm.

Speaking to the track Zoe had this to say:

“Rush is probably our most upbeat and enthusiastic song yet….we were focusing on the warm, carefree days of Summer, where energy is endless and you’re excited to start each day. Thinking about times we’ve felt a ‘rush’.”

You can hear “Rush” down below, embedded below, because I know you’re probably too lazy to look for new music and we get it, no judgement. You can add it over on Spotify as well; possibly alongside your UK female duo playlist to help keep Wet Leg company.