Brooklyn transplant Madeline Mondrala draws up triumphant synthpop under the name MADELIN. Her latest single “Pinnacle” is a prime example of this, combining vibrant synth lines with playful brass and cavernous drum tracks. Joining the prodigious list of musical SUNY Purchase alum, MADELIN set to work under the pseudonym that would produce a premiere EP, five music videos, and now an upcoming album. “Pinnacle” speaks on a sense of jarring nostalgia after revisiting a pivotal place. Mondrala continues, “It’s about that feeling of bliss when you’re at the peak of a beautiful experience, when time seems infinite. The moment on a rollercoaster right before the drop. When you look back it’s just a blip. Barely there. As meaningful and perfect as it is fleeting.” Join MADELIN on her ride below, and find the rest of her self-titled EP where all things are streamed.