DIY artist Lina Tullgren takes on a fizzled electropop approach in her latest single, “Always Fine.” Accompanied by the prospecting production work of NTHNL, Tullgren’s lackadaisical vocals meet a bubbling electronic accompaniment in a way that feels a bit unsettling and off-kilter. This falls right in line with the track’s narrative of feeling alone and misplaced in a crowd of people. It’s a step away from Tullgren’s previous work on her 2017 EP Won, which more so aligned with the Florist/Emily Yacina brand of DIY-rock. “Always Fine” seems to take a trip down the Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole, emerging more disjointed, busy, and vibrant than ever before. In terms of the other drowsy slacker rock out there, this is a breath of fresh air. Catch Lina Tullgren’s other releases here.