After months of preparation, today we are pumped to announce the line up for Herd Fest 2017. Our goal when putting together this festival was to bundle as many as the up-and-coming, buzzing bands from Buffalo and beyond and package them into one four day festival.

Ticket prices range based on the event, but if you are looking to attend multiple shows over multiple days, it might make more sense to buy our all-access pass for $20, which will save you some money in the long-term.

Full Schedule:

Thursday, June 15th @ Mohawk Place | 8pm | $7
Hundred Plus Club, dreambeaches, Sammus, God Save the Queen

Thursday, June 15th @ Nietzsche’s | 8pm | $5
Rust Belt Brigade, Wren Williams & Sons of Luther, Stress Dolls, Cannon the Brave, Award Show, Ryan Howze

Friday, June 16th @ Mohawk Place | 5:30pm | $7 
Griffin!, Kerry Fey, qwelis, Jack, Big Fred, Humble Braggers, Nylon Otters, Bold Folly, Dean Chatham

Friday, June 16th @ Nietzsche’s | 9pm | $5
SHEDS, Total Yuppies, Cooler, Feverbox, Ian McCuen, Dance Yrself Clean

Friday, June 16th @ DBGB’s | 9pm | $5
Matthew Danger Lippman, SMUG, M.A.G.S.

Friday, June 16th @ Milkie’s | 8pm | $5
K.Rob, Rap & Destroy, Mad Dukez, Short Moscato, MileHighMuzik

Saturday, June 17th @ Mohawk Place | 7pm | $7
Johnny & The Man Kids, The Gennies, Kissing is a Crime, Suburbs, Gillian, Younger Then

Saturday, June 17th @ Nietzsche’s | 9pm | $5
New Masons, Telempathy, Bearhunter, The Leones, Dogs in Stereo, Lesionread

Saturday, June 17th @ DBGB’s | 9pm | $5
The Eaves, Ugly Sun, Made Violent

Saturday, June 17th @ Milkie’s | 8pm | $5
Small Smalls, Dead Lounge, White shade, Into the Wake, Filthy Gorgeous

Saturday, June 17th @ Dreamland | 7:30pm | $5
Coral Collapse, Deadwolf, Buffalo Sex Change, Passed Out

Sunday, June 18th @ Mohawk Place | 7pm | $5
Planet Three, Major Arcana, A Relative Term, The Etchings

E-mail in the meantime if you have any questions. See you June 15th!