Buffalo synthpop heroes Humble Braggers are back with a new music video for their reimagined jam, “Better.” The video finds the HB boys getting raucous in a backyard beer pong session, complete with NFL-quality can punting (Go Bills!), table flipping, and plenty of quasi-drunken bliss. Juxtaposed against the band’s tomfoolery is front man Tom Burtless, smoothly mouthing the lyrics and dressed to the nines in an expertly-decorated room. It’s a good look for the Buffalo mainstays, who continue to pump out mature and polished music (and evidently having a great time doing so).

Like all of Humble Braggers’ work, “Better” is another absolute earworm, full of tasty synths, soaked in reverb, and tinged with just-enough vintage 1980s flavor. Check it out below – If you prefer to listen elsewhere, you can find all of the links here.